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The Importance of Bad Debt Recoveries in the Manufacturing World

The Importance of Bad Debt Recoveries in the Manufacturing World

The Importance of Bad Debt Recoveries in the Manufacturing World

The incredible manufacturing companies in Minnesota know the revenue cycle can and often is filled with variabilities; especially in 2020! At Credit Collections Bureau (CCB), we realize how vital recovering these past due dollars is to the owners, the employees, the state of Minnesota AND the people in over one million jobs Minnesota Manufacturing supports. 

The partnerships and relationships formed with your customers, suppliers, business community and other vendors help keep the revenue cycle in motion and become the backbone support of the industry. 

Keeping those write-off margins low is vital to every aspect of the operation. The negative dollar direct relationship between bad debt write-offs and net profits, not including the time and effort of the employees along with the potential legal costs, can be a disaster to the bottom line, especially working with narrow margins! All companies must make a profit at the end of the day or face extinction. Preventing a full write-off can positively contribute dollars to the profit line, which suggests that great effort and care must be taken in recovering every penny possible during and after in-house collection procedures have been exhausted.

Once 30 days past the term arrives, the customer might be considered more of a ‘debt’ than a customer. This can create a juxtaposed position that causes some toxic stress with the need to collect revenue; yet trying to maintain the reputation and function of your company.

It is also common for businesses to have a difficult time trying to balance the relationship of the customer owing money and debt collection actions. All the while wanting to maintain a reputation as being respectful, professional, ethical business partners in our communities. Being everything to everyone is not realistic in business or life; yet you want to be the authentic company your brand has proven to be over the years of building your reputation.  

Being authentic is what Credit Collections Bureau (CCB) does best and over the last 30+ years CCB has partnered with our clients for years of trusted, ethical, expert and specialized service within the revenue cycle. CCB is proud to partner with clients who expect nothing less! A true Midwest owned company!  
What started out as an office in a house in 1987 has grown to multiple locations within the Midwest.  Our main administrative office is in Bismarck, ND.  We have offices in Rapid City and Sioux Falls, SD and satellite offices in Minnesota.  
Our multiple office locations help to provide secure systems and minimize workflow disruptions due to weather, illness, natural disasters, or any multitude of happenings; after all, it is 2020.  

Our SMART choice revenue recovery system insures a motivational and positive conversation while communicating the need to resolve the outstanding debt. We protect and uphold the values our clients have built over the years; at the same time providing our clients with optimal revenue recovery.  

CCB is confident in our SMART choice ultimate client experience. Your Dedicated Client Relations Manager is your point of contact to ensure you have the reports and information you need in the time frame that YOU need them without getting the run around. 

Our in-house attorney and fully staffed legal department provide reassurance your revenue recovery needs are the top priority. Legal costs are expensive, and when you partner with CCB, your business will not bear any upfront legal costs; if the revenue is not recovered, you will not be charged any legal fees. Legal fees are also passed onto the consumer to minimize any added expense to your bottom line. 

CCB’s many service advantages along with our years of service to our clients aligns us ready and able to help when your customers aren’t following through with payment!

CCB has very competitive rates and no recovery = no cost to your business! I will be happy to answer any questions you may have. No obligation at all!

Deb was born in raised in Minnesota and currently lives in the community of Rothsay, the home of the Prairie Chicken! Deb’s father was a bricklayer and her Mom a nurse. Her history has been in tending brick, nursing, education, and sales. Deb loves listening to a good story and really enjoyed getting to tour a few of the manufacturing locations in Minnesota. 

Deb Sherette, Dedicated Regional Client Relations Partner 
Direct office: 701-566-9366  Cell: 701-805-8004

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